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Small Touch-up

Anything from nicks, scratches, gouges, water marks and other blemishes, and damage to all types of metal items. Sometimes, a touch-up is all you need.



Matching or duplicating most brushed finishes by recreating the grains in the metal surfaces. Stainless is a very hard, stain resistant metal surface but must have special tools and processes to remediate blemishes, coloring, scratches, rust or other imperfection that have occurred to the finish of your metal surface.

We have an unwavering philosophy of caring for metal items. We respect and rejunivate the metal to restore them to showroom quality or as close as possible.

We believe and understand that your home holds great actual value and well as sentimental value. Your home is a statement and is important to retain your investment. So, when they’re looking a little sickly, our philosophy is to never let them perish. We work to revive—don’t replace—by breathing new life into worn or damaged pieces.

Certified by the product inventors of "Scratch b gone" using the lastest and in many cases the ONLY tools for the job.  Our Techs will help retore your stainless products to near new looking.  Using a proven process where years before you would need to just replace your stainless product with new.  This might entail a very expensive remodel of counter tops walls etc just to remove the item that is working fine just has cosmetic issues.  Our team of experienced, qualified, skilled  restorers has been working many years restoring and refinishing high quality interior /exterior appliances--both new and old, large and small. 

Restoration Company

Training and Certification

We have been trained and certified in Stainless metal restoration by  ​Institute of Applied Restoration Technology the developers of Scratch b gone and many other metal, stone and glass products and processes.

​Institute of Applied Restoration Technology

The Institute of Applied Restoration Technology, Inc. (iART) provides hands-on training, certification and consultation in the technologies of metal, glass, tile and stone restoration.
iART’s mission is to field a network of certified service providers worldwide who are proficient and qualified to meet the needs of businesses, manufacturers and consumers with cost-efficient solutions for damage to stainless steel and other fine surfaces.
iART provides hands-on training in its corporate headquarters in Carlsbad, CA. The company can also create specialized training programs unique to the needs of facilities maintenance organizations, manufacturers and service providers.
Architectural Restoration courses are not offered anywhere else. iART prepares trainees to physically repair and restore scratched, scuffed, discolored, scorched or rusted stainless steel appliances, sinks, grills, elevators, bathroom partitions, architectural elements and more.